Technology Strength
Our Mission
By continuously deepening lithium-ion battery on overseas e-bike and industrial automation, do deep work and market verticals
Core team
The whole e-bike team designs, researches and produces e-bike battery pack for over 10 years, has extensive experiences in e-bike field.
Special BMS scheme design, battery casing, and tube design and development according to whole e-bike appearance
Quality control selection of core raw materials
About cells
About imported cells, we only use Samsung bran. Purchase it from Chinese exclusive agent to guarantee stability and authenticity.
About domestic cells, we use Lishen and HLY, both of them all passed UL2580 certification.
About BMS
Our principle to choose BMS that they must experienced large batch of verification and the used electronics components will not change.
More importantly, Clouds power has the ability to develop more higher-end BMS. For example, one BMS using our own BMS scheme has approved ISO13849 and smart BMS has matched with many mainstream e-bike systems.
About nickel
As the core connector for battery conduction , special model has special moldings, we already develop moulds for them.
We put an end to use splicing nickels on one battery.
About Insulation and flame-resistant materials
To guarantee battery quality and safety to the greatest extend, the level of insulation material and flame-resistant material we use are H and A separately.
Production Equipment
Automatic BMS testing equipment
It can do over-charge/discharge/current and short circuit and so on, at the meantime, it possesses real-time monitor test function for mainstream communication protocol of smart BMS, which can guarantee every BMS is qualified before using.
Automatic cylindrical cell paper sticking machine
We use strict and accurate voltage and internal resistance setting method to screen out optimal cell group to ensure the consistency of battery pack.
Pulling force tester
Testing ruggedness of nickel by 5N force .
Test the ruggedness of nickel of battery pack from different spot welder machines.
Smart load tester
High power load tester has 24 channels. And we also matched with small load tester to meet daily 400 capacity.
Automatic + semi-automatic spot welder machines
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