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In June 2021, Suzhou clouds power Co., Ltd. got the China exclusive agent qualification certificate of Xnergy BE series products of Xnergy New Energy Technology Co., LTD.

The Xnergy BE series is a new generation of contactless intelligent charging systems that are essential infrastructure elements for smart logistics, smart factories and the Internet of Things (IOT). Xnergy BE has passed a large number of stringent tests in the aspects of human exposure to radiation, EMC electromagnetic harassment and anti-interference, safety regulations, etc. Xnergy BE products have finally obtained the European Community standard (CE) compliance certification. Xnergy BE series wireless charging utilizes electromagnetic fields to transmit energy through electromagnetic induction, fully achieving electrical isolation, high safety level, especially in wet and dirty environment, suitable for almost

All types of batteries.

Xnergy BE series wireless charging system is composed of three parts :(1) primary side power unit (TPU), (2) primary side transmitter plate (TXP), (3) secondary variable receiving and charging unit (RCU). RCU is small and compact, making vehicle integration design and modification easy. The energy conversion efficiency of the system is high, and large tolerances can be allowed in the spatial position, eliminating the need for precise positioning. The same BE series transmitting terminal can match 24V and 48V receiving charging unit (RCU), so that the wireless charging pile has strong versatility. On the intelligent cloud platform, it can monitor the car in real time

The charging, battery power and health status of the vehicle provide big data support for operation and expansion decisions.

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