The leader of the lithium iron batteries

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Clouds power Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017, with a registered capital of 2500W, located in No. 317, Mudong Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou city (In Liandong U Valley - Suzhou Mudu Precision Manufacturing Industrial Park), a total of two floors of delivery room, a total of more than 2600 square meters, the company has been deeply engaged in the lithium battery subdivision field for many years. Is a professional development and production of small power battery high-tech enterprises, the main application areas include e-bike battery, industrial battery and supporting power supply system.

The company has a number of lithium battery Pack production lines, aging, capacity and other production equipment and a group of experienced industrial workers. The combination of exquisite technology and scientific process ensures the qualified quality of each (line) product. The company has also divided a special battery test center, advanced battery testing equipment to become a "safe battery" reliable guarantee, the company's products have therefore passed the international and domestic certification of many authoritative institutions, in the e-bike field, as early as 2018 passed the EU EN15194: 2017 certification, in addition to professional assembly ability, with independent profile, plastic development ability, can be customized for customers to create exclusive products. In the field of industrial batteries, full range of industrial battery in accordance with the European Union CE certification, project application in the faw, the Great Wall and other large, dongfeng auto production line, at present already obtained more than certification issued by TUV CB62619 battery package, let the battery function use safer, more reliable at the same time, we research and development of AGV intelligent charging station also has a full range of CE certificate. Strive to become a professional leader in the national lithium battery industry.

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