Spain sees record e-bike sales in 2020

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According to the Spanish Bicycle Industry Association, 2.126,35 million electric bikes were sold in Spain in 2020 (Germany: 1.95 million). Compared with 1.43 million e-bikes sold in 2019, this equates to an increase of nearly 50 percent (1.4 million in Germany). The market share of e-bikes in the entire Spanish bike market has risen to 13.6% of all complete bike sales (Germany: 39%), making it the third largest segment after mountain bikes and children's bikes. E-bikes have also significantly increased their share of sales, generating 562 million euros in 2020, or nearly 42% of total bike sales. This was due to an average unit price of nearly 2,650 euros, an increase of more than 10 percent compared with the same period last year.

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